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Welcome to the Future

By Carmela Zampieri | Photos by Carol Oliva

Well, folks, this is it! We have cars that drive themselves, televisions so thin

you can hang them on your walls, and you can FaceTime someone on the

other side of the world with a tiny computer you hold in your hand.

People everywhere are dipping their toes into the pool of possibility

where self improvement is no longer a resolution that lasts until February;

it’s a year-round process that involves both the mind and the body. We

draw personal inspiration from our own experiences and vicarious ones

from social media. What we’re learning is that self care comes in all forms,

including the products we use, the services we buy, and the filters we use

to post photos, to the exercises we do and the routines we practice in

order to be our best selves.

Our model, Iryna, explores the wellness of her own self image in this

futuristic fashion editorial. She shows us a world where intravenous B12

supplements are commonly used to refresh the mind and body. She also has

a personal consultation with herself as she decides if certain procedures

are right for her.

We had a lot of fun dreaming up this shoot and we drew a lot of inspiration from the resolutions we kept hearing from people as the end of 2019 drew

closer. There was a common theme: we are all under construction and we are all striving to look in the mirror and love not only what we see, but who

we are.

At the dawn of the new decade, we encourage you to pursue a life that is fulfilling and joyful, no matter what that looks like to anyone else. Roaring is so last century. Let’s fill our ’20s with love-both for ourselves and others. And possibly a fabulous new pair of shoes.


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