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By Jennifer Moulaison | Photos by Randy Tunnell

For Randy Tunnell, there exists no more fascinating and authentic way to tell a story than through photography. After building an impressive portfolio ranging from hard-hitting journalistic work to culinary photography with artist chefs, Tunnell found his niche on the Monterey Peninsula, where he’s at his best both professionally and personally.

Originally hailing from Pacific Grove, Tunnell’s affinity for working behind the lens was present early on in his life. “I did the quintessential high school yearbook photography and loved it so much, I knew I had to pursue photography in college,” he says. From there, an evolution occurred, taking Tunnell’s career to newspaper work in Las Vegas, where he met his future wife, Laura. Tunnell then turned his attention to corporate photography, and he took an opportunity in Chicago. When the time came for children, Tunnell and his wife could think of no better place to raise a family than back on the Monterey Peninsula. “I had extraordinary opportunities and projects in Chicago, and we has such a great experience living there, but there’s really nothing like Monterey,” says Tunnell. “Not just for family life, but career-wise. Carmel has such a remarkable legacy for supporting the arts and the photography community.”

Tunnell recently embarked on a project with personal meaning. “Since around March 15, I immediately took notice of the dramatic way things were changing, here in the Carmel Village,” he explains. “I saw the town rising to the occasion of what has become such a monumentally historic world event,” and he decided to document this shift photographically. The project is not only gratifying artistically but also has become a poignant account of the way everyday life has been evolving locally. “Everyone has really stepped up and worked to keep the town vital,” says Tunnell. “The Carmel Public Library has expressed interest in having the book as a record of the time, and I’m honored to be able to tell this story through photos.”


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