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Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown loved listening to Debbie Davis sing on Friday nights at the Cypress Inn, going to church with Gin Weathers, and he carried love for his departed Doris in every breath. As a former gallery owner in Carmel, he had a strong appreciation for fine art. He also took great pride in critiquing 65° Magazine, which we miss.

Kiara Hinze

As a young activist, Kiara Hinze moved others with her diligence and desire to make her community a better place. She boldly rallied for bullying prevention, supported green initiatives, and imbued creativity into everything she did. Those who knew her were infected with her strength and compassion.

Antonio Perez Ramos

One of our favorite memories of Antonio Perez Ramos was seeing him on stage at Demetra Café, where he came alive in the face of an audience. He was a Carmel fixture, a neighbor everyone loved to know.

Arturo Moscoso

Arturo Moscoso was an inspiring teacher who used his talents as a worldly chef to educate others on how to turn a good dish into something extraordinary. His language was food. His presentation was poetry. His personality was as authentic as his cooking.

Cecilia Chiang

Cecilia Chiang elevated Chinese cooking in the U.S. by bringing her talents and recipes to the table, forever changing the landscape of the Chinese restaurant dining experience. But what made her extra special was her nature as a storyteller. Through food and conversation, she brightened the world and illuminated her community.

Wilkes Bashford

Wilkes Bashford was known for many things, among them his love for Dachshunds and weekly lunches at Le Central with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. We knew Wilkes best as an animal lover who gave generously and supported numerous causes near and dear to his heart. He was a man about town but carried humility in his pocket. He graced more SCENES in 65° than any other person.

Ken Jones

Ken Jones wore candor and gratitude for life on his sleeve. When meeting him for the first time at Carmel Valley Ranch with Ken’s lunch group, we were captivated by his verve. Ken often said his greatest fortune was meeting Karin, the love of his life.

Koerner Rombauer

Koerner Rombauer was joy incarnate. His love for life shone in everything he did, from winemaking and philanthropy to how he embedded himself into the stories he told. He believed in some kinda magic; the same magic that lifted him into the skies as a pilot and poured his spirit into each bottle of wine.


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