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The Agency from Humble Roots

By Nora Heston Tarte | Photo by Manny Espinoza

Growing up, Mauricio Umansky worked for his father, selling textiles. The Beverly Hills-based salesman, who immigrated to the United States from Mexico City at six years old, found his strengths under his father’s guidance and worked to turn around accounts that weren’t profitable. Within one year, he found success. From his father, Umansky learned to be a good communicator and negotiator. “This experience confirmed that I was good at sales and put me on the path of what I was meant to do for my career,” he says.

In 2020, Umansky still works with his father, but at Umansky’s own company, The Agency, a global real estate business. It has more than 650 agents across 37 offices worldwide, and The Agency has garnered national attention for its new approach to real estate as well as its luxury home listings.

Before Umansky was collecting notable recognitions for his business prowess, he was humbly developing his business acumen. “Every experience in life has shaped me into the person I am today and how I conduct business,” he says. “I am lucky to have worked alongside some of the best people early in my career— including my father—who taught me invaluable life and business lessons I still apply today,” he says. For seven years he’s been ranking among the top ten agents in the country, selling the most homes in the country priced above $20 million, He’s represented some of the world’s most noteworthy properties, including the Playboy Mansion, the first house in Los Angeles to sell above $100 million, the Walt Disney Estate, and residences owned by Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, and Prince.

But Umansky wouldn’t be where he is today without enduring hardships. As a child, he was diagnosed with a blood disorder and spent six years in and out of children’s hospitals. He credits that experience with encouraging his zest for life. The other main component to his success is the people with whom Umansky surrounds himself. When not working as CEO and founder of The Agency or the leader of his own real estate sales group (called The Umansky Team), he spends quality time with his family—his wife, actress Kyle Richards, and four daughters. He values the business relationships that have led to his success, namely with Billy Rose and a small group of agents he originally set out with to create The Agency with the goal of changing the way real estate brokerages functioned to increase and streamline the sharing of information between agents for the betterment of all.

“I am blessed that I now work with my [family] and I get to spend time with them in the office and at home,” says Umansky. When they aren’t in the office, they usually travel (although recently, they’ve traded overseas vacations for road trips). And he is dedicated to giving back, supporting The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles with a nod to his childhood health struggles, and The National Breast Cancer Association, in memory of his mother-in-law, who died in 2002. The Agency has its own charitable partner in Giveback Homes, an organization that builds homes for those in need. “The Agency team rolls up their sleeves and builds homes, brick by brick,” says Umansky.

“I love what I do. I love truly listening to clients and finding them the perfect house at the first showing. I love helping sellers achieve their goals. I love watching agents grow their business and become extremely successful,” says Umansky. “I think applying all the business lessons I have learned over the years with a love for life has led me to this path...managing an amazing team that I am so truly proud of and being passionate about everything I do every day.”

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