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Stylish Glimmers of Hope: Wearable Art and Beauty Found Inside Augustina’s Designer Boutique in Carm

Updated: Jan 22, 2018

by: Andrea Stuart

A Jimmy Choo Shoe Display inside the storefront of Augustina’s Designer Boutique

WORDS: Ana L. Roman                                       PHOTOS: Provided by Augustina’s Designer Boutique

Our world is on fire right now. There’s a seething, ominous, and frightful sight on our horizon and we pray that it may pass soon. As a fashion director I feel a massive twinge of embarrassment that comes from making phone calls that demand answers to style questions. However, there’s a glimmer of hope I find in these exchanges. With every phone call and deadline I make there’s a voice at the other end of the line that’s relieved, cheerful, eager, and hopeful. Maybe it’s the welcome distraction from the environmental hardship that befalls us. The spirit of our community is strong, and with that so is art, beauty and style. Speaking to the owner of Augustina’s I realized something vital; that no matter how sad and despairing these times are, it is within imagination, innovation, and art that we can truly find peace and calm.

Jimmy Choo

With that notion in mind, I’ve decided to highlight the contagious spirit, strength, and positive acumen that Tracy Delaney Odle, owner of Augustina Leathers and the new Augustina’s Designer Boutique, transmits to everyone that comes her way. Tracy and her staff have an uncanny way of making everyone feel stylish, beautiful, and welcome.

Giambattista Valli

As a staple of the fashion scene in Carmel, CA for nearly thirty years, its important to note that Augustina’s is the ultimate leather, evening-wear, and contemporary style mainstay on the central coast. And now with Augustina’s new designer boutique overtaking the scene, I truly can’t wait to see all the fresh-off-the-runway looks and styles in motion. Our world may be up in flames-if only for a short time-but we’ll always have love, life, wine, and god-willing, style!

Giambattista Valli


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