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Seascape Splendor

By Jennifer Moulaison | Photos by Ryan Rosene

It’s little wonder that the owners of a spectacular property in Pebble Beach were captivated while peering into the windows of the dazzling Martin Perri Interiors design showroom; the showroom’s owner, Martin Perri Mitchell, has more than 28 years of experience crafting uniquely elegant spaces for discerning clientele. The couple hired Mitchell on the spot, and soon his talent unfolded onto a superlative design achievement known as Seascape.

Mitchell’s showroom, located in the heart of Carmel-by-the-Sea, is teeming with a diverse collection of rare and stylish furniture and decor pieces intended to depict the breadth of styles his designed spaces can achieve. “Often, when clients walk in, they admire what they see but are unsure what elements will suit their spaces. That’s where I come in and curate the elements that pique their interest while blending seamlessly with their environments,” says Mitchell. Although the owners of Seascape were in the early stages of their remodeling project, Mitchell’s distinct, elevated aesthetic precisely pinpointed the look they envisioned for their space.

Upon first viewing the couple’s property, Mitchell was taken aback by its views and the sheer beauty of the presence of sea and the sky. “Deep blues and aqua tones of the water, earthy tones of the forest. Naturally, the drapes were the first thing chosen, and they were chosen to complement the scenery, which set in motion everything else in the home,” says Mitchell. “I chose linen with antiqued prints with subtle hues to allow a subtle pattern with a suggestion of elegance. Monochromatic tonal shifts, which would blend in harmony with the fabrics, [were] used on the upholstery.”

The clients were accustomed to very traditional furnishings but wanted to move toward a slightly more comfortable, Mediterranean aesthetic for this property. Mitchell looked to incorporate a combination of new and collected antiques to further strike a balance of practicality and timelessness. “I chose rich, exotic and high-gloss accents, such as cocktail tables, end tables and other pieces, to add to a more sophisticated look while other elements boasted clean lines and bold textures in a neutral palette,” he explains. The result is a splendid marriage of refined elegance with a vein of relaxed modernity.

“It was a whirlwind renovation,” says Mitchell of the project’s rapidly moving four-month time frame, which took place before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. He leveraged his experience to ensure that his selections served the property aesthetically while adhering to the needs of clients and their busy schedules. “Because they were based out of Texas, I approached everything with the thought of, ‘If I’m traveling and want to be updated, what information do I need?’ So, I’m careful to gather the right amount of data from the project so I can make educated decisions on their behalf and incorporate their opinions, when necessary,” he says.

Mitchell considers the Seascape project to have been a defining memorable opportunity and a true representation of his work. A visit to Martin Perri Interiors showroom provides an opportunity to peruse Mitchell’s extensive and diverse interior design portfolio, view a curated collection of bespoke furnishings and accessories, and perhaps pick up a unique and perfect piece for your own space.

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