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Redmint Opens Urban Wellness Sanctuary in San Francisco’s Marina District

Redmint, a dynamic, new holistic health and wellness brand inspired by TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and time-honored Eastern beauty rituals, has opened its inaugural wellness and experiential retail store in the heart of San Francisco’s Marina District. Founded by Bay Area-based TCM practitioner and entrepreneur Helina Fan, Redmint’s innovative skincare, wellness remedies, and restorative health treatments harness the healing power of TCM to create holistic rituals.

Redmint treatments balance the mind-body connection and help with pain and inflammation, insomnia, stress, digestion, headaches, hormone imbalances and more. Services include Face Glow and Body Acupuncture that activate the body’s innate life force known as Qi. Gua Sha Facials that help increase skin circulation and detoxification. Lymphatic Drainage, a gentle, rhythmic treatment that aids with detox and rehabilitation, LED Lightstim Therapy addressing pain and tension relief, Sound + Deep Tissue Therapy which integrates tuning forks and helps eliminate soreness and pain, and a Microcurrent Facial that uses gentle micro-current technology to tighten facial muscles for a noticeable lift. In addition, Redmint’s Herbal Bar is a modern twist on the traditional coffee bar, offering a variety of herbs to support multiple aspects of health and features a proprietary menu of herbal lattes, shots and teas.

The new 1,000 square foot sanctuary features six private treatment spaces and an herbal bar which opens to a bucolic, pergola-covered courtyard. Inside, unique touches include charred wood ceilings, bark and ghost wood walls, and Himalayan salt walls. Communal space features soothing neutral color palettes, dramatic hand-hewn beams draped in white linen and a spattering of healing crystals.

“Redmint opens at a time when people are wanting to take charge of their internal health with holistic self-care rituals that help maintain a vital state of balance through preventative care,” said Fan. “The stress and anxiety we have been experiencing greatly affects our skin, our body’s internal system and hormones balances. By creating a results-driven line of skincare + herbal extracts and offering wellness remedies and restorative health treatments that focus on inner balance and outer glow, Redmint will transform the wellness and holistic medical industry through the practice and education of TCM.”

Redmint: 1958 Union Street, San Francisco


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