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Napa’s Downtown Crown Jewel:Archer Napa

By Andrea Stuart

Effervescing with grace, Archer Hotel Napa comprises Napacentric design, décor, themes, and programming, all while being tucked inside of downtown Napa’s bustling nest of culture and life.

Touted as a wine country retreat with a distinctly urban beat, Archer Napa sits at the site of the former Merrill’s Building. It incorporates materials, colors, and textures reflective of Napa in juxtaposition with modern lines, simple forms, and contemporary materials. Roger Brown, senior vice president and director of design, explains that Archer Napa was built around an architectural vocabulary derived from the vineyards, reflecting the geometric vineyard patterns of rows and columns.

Walking into the hotel, guests are greeted in the two-story lobby with warm natural woods, stone, a large-scale threedimensional topographic map of Napa Valley, and a custom crystal grapevine chandelier.

With a nod to the residential notion that no two bedrooms should be alike, Archer Napa features a variety of guestroom and suite layouts and six distinct design palettes. Offering different experiences across the accommodations, the wall coverings, headboards, artwork, and furniture vary from room to room. The constant among the rooms is the base of the room palette, with shades of cream, gray, gold, and wood tones.


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