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Love & The Lens: Carol Olivia Photography

By Andrea Stuart

Warmth fastens to a monarch as it stretches its burnt orange wings in the sunlight. The striations on its winged appendages mark a momentous occasion that is best served with patience and inner reflection.

A bride stands beside her groom, wisps of her hair cross her eyes as she playfully attempts to throw her locks behind her shoulders. The couple’s laughter echoes into the ether as they make eye contact with one another, pacing each other’s gazes with anticipation and excitement for the future.

Photographer Carol Olivia makes these moments her priority. It’s the seemingly innocuous trek down a path traveled hundreds of times over that gives way to a snapshot that will be caught in a photographic time capsule.

Born in Brazil, Olivia can’t recall a time when photography wasn’t in her life. Her father cultivated her love for images and nature from a young age, gifting her age-appropriate cameras so she could envelop herself in moments that stood out. Observing Mother Nature’s abundance from behind the lens allowed Oliva to focus on the nuances found in her subjects: the veins streaking from end to end of delicate petals on a flower when light passes through it; the crystalline nature of water as its surface refracts the light, creating geometric shapes in a fluid atmosphere.

Olivia has many photographic interests, from nature and surfing to weddings and architecture.  At the core of her work is integrity and gratitude. Photography is the only thing Olivia has wanted to do, which suites her just fine. It’s her attraction and attention to the sweet moments of life that make her work stand out. The click of her camera signifies another second where joy, love, and bounty have been preserved, suspended in time.


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