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Introduction to the Seven Gables Inn

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Built in 1886, The House of Seven Gables is a historic, three-story Victorian mansion

on the California coast. From its incredible promontory on the edge of the Monterey

Peninsula oceanfront, the property showcases unobstructed views of the Pacific

Ocean, Monterey Bay and the coastal mountains beyond.

At the end of the 19th century, Lucie Chase, a prominent civic leader and philanthropist,

purchased the property, adding the sweeping sun porches and gables from which

Seven Gables now gets its name. In 1972, the current owners purchased the property

and it remained a family home until 1982, when they reimagined the property as a bed

and breakfast inn.

The inn began with 14 rooms located in five buildings before the addition of the Beach

House. After renovating the original building (built in 1910), 10 guest rooms were

opened in 1995 under the name the Grand View Inn. Five years later, the Sea View

cottage was purchased and renovated, incorporating the building under the Grand

View Inn name. In 2006, the two inns were combined, transforming the property into

the 25-room, Seven Gables Inn. Currently operating as a boutique hotel, Seven Gables

consists of 7 separate structures totaling 25 rooms.

Total Property Size: 20,859 Sq. Ft.

15,100+/- Sq. Ft. Improvements

25 Guest Rooms | 27 Bedrooms

31 Bathrooms

2 Laundry Areas

3 Covered Garage Parking Spots

5 Uncovered Off-street Parking Spots

2 Full Kitchens

2 Night Manager Rooms


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