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Illuminating the Story

By Bettina McBee | Photos by Joshua Grant Rose

Joshua Grant Rose enjoys connecting with people in a meaningful way. And for the last six years—most recently on the Monterey Peninsula—he’s been doing so with the help of his camera lens. The camera is an extension of him, allowing him to capture sacred moments of intimacy, wistful glances, and playful gestures that make up a couples’ story.

The Monterey Peninsula’s picturesque coastline, living tide pools, and historic beaches, rivers, and state parks create a backdrop for couples wanting to hire Rose as a wedding and elopement photographer.

Utilizing anomalies like lens flare and playing with aperture in various settings helps Rose create a cinematic look. His understanding of atmosphere and use of natural lighting as his central prop complements the unique spirit of each shoot, allowing him to digitally preserve treasured moments.

Originally from Oregon, Rose has had an innate appreciation for the outdoors since he was a child. His uncle, Grant—for whom Rose was named—was a photographer in his own right and spent much of his time photographing landscapes. Rose shares the same passion for landscape photography.

He also understands the importance of making a photoshoot enjoyable and stress-free, which is why he employs his down-to-earth nature as a way of learning more about his subjects. “Capturing life moments for people is inspiring,” says Rose, who enjoys getting to know his clients and understanding their visions over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

To date, he has gained the respect and attention of clientele from Argentina to Australia. But what inspirits him to do the work is the bond her forges with each person. “My real calling is working with people,” admits Rose. “It’s humbling and rewarding to document intimate experiences.”

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