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Gulfstream’s Bespoke Interiors

Photos Courtesy of Gulfstream

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation recognizes that discerning business-jet owners expect their aircrafts to wed time and excellence. With a Gulfstream, you can have that rare combination of speed, craftsmanship, bespoke design, and artistry. And you can outfit your aircraft close to home at Gulfstream’s Long Beach Sales and Design Center.

As if already in the cabin of a Gulfstream G650ER, the quiet envelops. Here, the outfitting process begins in a showroom on par with the finest ateliers, featuring a curated selection of textiles, exotic wood veneers, European leathers, crystal, and more. The materials here are a tactile enticement, intended to provide inspiration and evoke feeling.

The cabin interior design process begins with a conversation deftly navigated by an award-winning Gulfstream designer. What inspires you? What are your favorite spaces? Where will you fly? What brings you home, no matter where you are? Every aspect of the Gulfstream cabin is custom made and one of a kind.

All interior spaces present their own unique challenges; after all, at its core, interior design is about solving problems. Gulfstream interior designers address a host of specifications, from requiring certification for flying to creating spaces with the flexibility to serve as a conference room one moment and a private dining suite the next. Such challenges are easily overcome, thanks to the team’s talent, experience, and innovativeness.

Gulfstream has a long history of working with preeminent suppliers to adapt their materials to regulations for high altitude. For example, the hand-tufted, made-to-order carpeting, frequently a blend of wools and silks, is aviation-grade but no less plush.

Clients can choose from a dedicated supply of natural, exotic woods for the bulkheads, cabinetry, and accents. To ensure the availability and consistency of the wood, Gulfstream maintains a live log program, in which roughly 100 logs sourced from around the world are held in reserve exclusively for its clients. Whether you want Smoky Eucalyptus or Mocca Oak, you can be guaranteed that what you choose will be of the best quality.

Once fabric, upholstery, and leathers are selected, Gulfstream’s clients in the Long Beach Sales and Design Center can virtually step inside their aircraft cabin to see how the materials work together. Gulfstream interior and visualization designers have harnessed the latest technology to provide real-time, computer-generated renderings. With the tap of a touch screen, upholstery patterns and seat designs can be swapped out. Change the floor plan, move the divan, and see how the leather complements the carpet.

Gulfstream designers will stay in touch with you throughout the outfitting process. They have the tools to provide updates remotely, should you wish to check in from afar. Gulfstream Long Beach is your studio close to home and stands ready to exceed your expectations.


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