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For the Love of Photography

By Jennifer Moulaison | Photos by Alexander Rubin

Imagine freshly-picked grapes suspended in the air as they’re tossed from their crate, so well captured they look as though you could pluck one right out of the photo and eat it. This is the type of work with which Napa-based photographer Alexander Rubin has become synonymous. Building a diverse portfolio over the past 14 years, Rubin describes his photographic style as a combination of fine art, candid, and editorial. He finds himself always inspired by what he’s capturing.

Rubin’s work encompasses everything from quintessential Napa vineyard and food images to high-level corporate and commercial campaigns. He has recently added video production as a way to adapt to the current business and creative climates. “This helps allow clients to feel more interactive, and it’s great to have something to expand into creatively,” says Rubin.

He especially loves being able to allow the artistry of what he’s capturing inspire him. “Everyone I work with is an artist in their own right, and I enjoy enhancing their creativity with my own creativity,” he says. There’s also an element of unpredictability in each project, and that has afforded him some unique and memorable experiences. “From watching John Legend perfect the blend for one of his wines to tasting tea with Oprah—these are the kind of moments you can’t replicate [and] are a byproduct of doing what I love.”

Rubin occasionally works farther down the coast in the Carmel area, which, in addition to Napa, is one of his favorite locations. “I’ve always loved Carmel, but for now, I feel so fortunate to live here in Napa. There’s absolutely nothing like it anywhere in the world,” says Rubin.


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