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Evoking a Story

At 24 years old, Sherman Chu connected deeply with the concept of storytelling through photography. Today, Chu has cultivated a unique way of telling stories as a wedding and corporate event photographer. He focuses on capturing candid moments as they happen rather than contriving staged images: “I view myself as a witness to an event with a camera.”

Chu strives for an unobtrusive approach, including capturing his subjects without the use of a flash so as not to make the subject aware that they’re being captured. In fact, according to Chu, the camera acts as an extension of his body: “Using the professional Canon bodies with the fastest lens allows me to shoot in low-light situations, which are the circumstances I most frequently encounter. Like any other profession, one shouldn't have to think about the technical aspects of their job in order to get the job done. However, it's so important to know the techniques.”

When capturing weddings, Chu leverages authenticity and knows what type of shots should be taken. “I’m not a fan of Pinterest weddings or working off a photo list,” he admits. Chu prefers to work with mature subjects who are aware of what type of images will genuinely reflect the feeling of their day. Sincere moments are the cornerstone of authentic photography. “If I see one more shot of bridesmaids in matching robes sitting on a bed popping Champagne, I’m going to be sick. It’s really about the people and the feeling,” shares Chu. “Whatever the moment is . . . it's my job to make that image touch the viewer.”

Whether it’s using a longer lens and blending in with the crowd or flexing his creative muscle and having the freedom to be artistic, Chu’s well-honed technique and intuitive approach produces photos that evoke emotion.


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