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Dr. Joshua Korman’s Wunderbar

By Jennifer Moulaison | Photo by Manny Espinoza

Board certified for over 20 years, Dr. Joshua Korman is clinical professor of surgery at Stanford Medicine and a renowned plastic surgeon. Once, he was asked, “what are you best known for?” And his wife aptly responded, “his hands.” The dexterity of his hands have paved the way for a successful career that includes three office locations: Mountain View, San Jose, and Carmel, the home of Wunderbar, an advanced medspa.

Beginning as a music major in college, Dr. Korman went on to receive his bachelor and medical degrees from Cornell, graduating top of his class, and completing his medical training at Stanford. Today, he is an accomplished sculptor, and musician of the piano and oboe, and has traveled the world to underprivileged communities to help with reconstructive surgeries. Dr. Korman also founded the Clean Slate Program in San Jose, offering tattoo removal for former gang members and aiding in their rehabilitation into society. More recently, Dr. Korman invented a post-mastectomy breast reconstruction device that has just completed a successful independent clinical trial. He has also coedited the second edition of the book, The Business of Plastic Surgery, which he cowrote with Heather J. Furnas. He has also coauthored numerous medical articles and pieces for various publications, including The New York Times and Readers Digest.

The intention behind his work is most inspiring. Through all his professional and personal pursuits, Dr. Korman believes personal wellness is a priority. “We are a visual species, and it is important in life to represent your best self. Wunderbar is about authenticity and whole-body wellness from the inside out. The core of my business is to make people feel wonderful,” he concludes.


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