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Breathtaking Vantage Point

By Fran Endicott Miller

Since its 2008 opening, Cavallo Point Lodge has served as a favorite spot for those who know that San Francisco is sometimes best enjoyed from afar. Nestled at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge in Sausalito on what was once the Fort Baker military base, the resort

provides unparalleled panoramic views of the orange icon and the San Francisco skyline. And with a fleet of Vintage Electric Cafe bikes at guests’ disposal, both are a just a short ride away.

Rows of strategically placed Adirondack chairs are scattered throughout the large property to offer views of the Bay. The resort’s two main building verandas feature lineups of sun-facing old-fashioned rockers, which provide the perfect spot to enjoy the

complimentary evening wine hour and complimentary morning coffee and house made pastries. Lofty blankets are provided for when the inevitable fog rolls in under the bridge.

Cavallo Point Lodge honors its Fort Baker roots by using the fort’s 24 Colonial Revival buildings, which were built between 1901 and 1915 and take full advantage of the breathtaking Bay scenery. The buildings house the Lodge’s two restaurants, administrative offices, and meeting rooms. Former officer’s quarters serve as the

resort’s historic rooms and suites, each featuring expansive foyers, fireplaces, and front porches. The sleek, contemporary rooms and suites feature sustainably designed windows that emphasize the stunning view. Construction of these quarters helped the resort to earn a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) gold certification.

On any given day, Cavallo Point is host to couples of all ages, families, wedding parties, corporate retreaters, and well-behaved dogs. Dogfriendly amenities include beds, food, water bowls, and a welcome bag of treats. Canines are permitted on the main building verandas and can be seen under foot and table as their owners dine and take in the view.

Activity seekers can find hiking, morning yoga, or kite flying on the green expanse of the main parade ground, but the electric bicycles alone are worth the stay. These sleek, retro vehicles allow for easy and endless exploration around the hilly terrain.

The hands-on Children’s Bay Area Discovery Museum is within walking distance of the Lodge, and the Marine Mammal Center is close by. The Cavallo Point Cooking School provides classes within its state-of-the-art open kitchen. And tucked behind the resort’s

acclaimed gift shop, The Mercantile is Cavallo Point’s Art Gallery, a small, atmospheric public space that stages works by such artistic luminaries as Imogen Cunningham, Ruth Asawa, and Ansel Adams.

Cavallo Point offers shuttle service into downtown Sausalito, where one can find many dining options, such as the stellar Poggio Trattoria. But with two dining spots on site, Farley Bar and Murray Circle, guests often feel compelled to settle within the picturesque



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