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Creative Director & Fashion Editor: Carmela Zampieri

Photographed by Carol Olivia

Taylor is arriving to Carmel, our new, recurring feature is arriving to this publication, and we're excited to share more of our vision and ideas on fashion. We hope we've inspired your holiday wardrobe, and look forward to the next issue!

(Left to right) Creative Director and Fashion Editor Carmela Zampieri at Pèpe's Little Napoli. Taylor scopes out the scene while getting some air at Pine Inn. Taylor's clothing and accessories available at Foxy Couture Carmel.

Welcome to our new fashion feature. We’re excited to introduce our team to the 65˚ Magazine readership and take you on a holiday celebration with our model, Taylor, as she arrives ready for the festivities. From Cypress Inn to Pèpe’s Little Napoli, we invite you to join us.

Our creative team is made up of strong, entrepreneurial women who have deep roots in Carmel. Carol Oliva has been photographing for 65˚Magazine for two years and has successfully run her own wedding, lifestyle, and editorial business for 23 years. In her spare time, she enjoys surfing.

Gillian Enz is the Owner and Managing Member of Valkyrie Construction, LLC and has been working on ground up and vertical design build construction for 25 years. She also owns her own namesake vineyard, Gillian Enz Vineyards.

Before relocating to Carmel, Carmela Zampieri was a creative director and stylist in New York City. When her family moved, she continued her career in fashion as a fashion specialist at Foxy Couture, where you can find her at home among vintage finds and luxury pieces. She’s been obsessed with editorial fashion since she was a young girl, collecting stacks of Vogue and admiring Grace Coddington for her use of movement and gritty, dreamlike esthetic. She loves telling stories through fashion, from the way fabric moves to how contours the body. She loves that you can use light to convey strength and shadows to convey vulnerability. And she enjoys weaving her life into the stories she tells.

There are always “Easter eggs” hidden in her editorials with personal, special meaning. In this issue, the Louis Vuitton bag Taylor is carrying on the first page was owned by Carmela’s NYC roommate-turned-best-friend. It's her way of paying homage to where she came from. The shoes featured throughout the spread belong to her as well.

We’re excited to share more of our vision and ideas on fashion as we move forward. We hope we’ve inspired your holiday wardrobe.


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