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Parisian Elegance by La Maison Anne Fontaine

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Founded in 1993, Anne Fontaine imposed the white shirt as the main staple of feminine wardrobe. Her destiny was forever changed by an encounter with her future husband Ari, whose family owned a renowned shirt making business.

One day he showed Anne his grandmother’s chest overflowing with white shirts. Anne was immediately inspired and took the challenge to create a universe around the white shirt. As a result, they both decided to take over the family business. The Maison Anne Fontaine was born.

ANNE FONTAINE began as a collection of women’s white shirts that has grown into a women’s lifestyle brand, offering a full collection of tops, outerwear, knits, accessories, and handbags. The Anne Fontaine craftsmanship and iconic designs are what set her apart as a leader in luxury women’s wear. The Maison now has more than fifty boutiques around the world including sixty multi-brand outlets and a global website,

Anne Fontaine’s new Fall-Winter 2020 Collection reflects both growth and spirit, emphasizing a fusion of Parisian style and nature’s serenity. Transformative silhouettes illuminate the exploration of form and shape through an array of lustrous fabrics and dreamlike details. A fresh approach to masculine / feminine styling is re-imagined with exquisite precision, while the white shirt takes center stage as the steadfast staple of the modern woman’s wardrobe.

In this new place where the seasons arc and bend with quietude – we invite you to explore the new looks of sophistication and glamour accentuated by the presence of nature.


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