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A Burning Passion

By Jennifer Moulaison

Reflecting back as early as high school, Darren Lovecchio was aware of his passion for photography, but he was called to a career as an emergency medical service firefighter when his family home was victimized by arson. It wasn’t until his retirement that he finally had the opportunity to focus attention back to his original creative passion for being behind the lens.

“I feel very fortunate to have had such a rewarding career, doing what was important to me on a personal level,” says Lovecchio. “Every fire I fought, I felt as though it was in my own house.” An injury that resulted in multiple stress fractures in his back pushed Lovecchio into early retirement and forced him to search for that silver lining, photography. Lovecchio discovered a surprising correlation between the high-stress situations with which he was familiar and the serenity of capturing beautiful images. “I possess situational awareness that’s incredibly helpful for knowing when something extraordinary or photo-worthy is occurring around me. I also find that my experience finding someone in crisis and letting them know they’ll be okay is also a social component that I use when photographing people, to make them feel at ease and natural.”

It’s been five years since Lovecchio traded the ladder for the lens, but his techniques playing with dramatic lighting and his ability to capture authentic moments have already helped establish himself in the industry. “I’m still pinching myself,” he says. “It’s surreal to hear I’ve been name-dropped by colleagues and iconic photographers in conversations.”

When asked what he loves most about his second career, Lovecchio explains, “I’m grateful to have a community of photographers in the area that is so supportive, but what really drives me is being able to get lost in the moment. When something catches my eye, I stop what I’m doing and start clicking the shutter. That’s what really gets me up and out the door every day.”

Follow darren Lovecchio on Instagram: @impactimages831


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